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Extended abstract
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9 September 2022, midnight: Deadline for online extended abstract submissions
Please use the template and send your extended abstract to email: per.lundin@stress-service.se

An extended abstract is not mandatory. Nevertheless, we recommend writing it. The first reason is to make you closer to the full paper for a high-ranked journal (like MDPI Special Issue). The second reason is to add it to the conference proceedings, which will be distributed in electronic version during the conference. This way even if you do not plan to publish your paper in the journal you will give a better description of your work to the readers of the proceedings. Overall, it will increase your chance for better networking and possible future collaboration.

The exciting news!
MDPI Special Issue is offering a 300 CHF discount for all papers recommended by the ICBM14 conference. Feel free to contact the ICBM14 Organisers if you are sending the paper to the MDPI Special Issue right now or if you are planning to under the ICBM14 conference umbrella. Only then your discount can be confirmed to the MDPI office.

We are pleased to announce that the abstract submission is now open, The submission deadline is the 31st of May.

Please submit your abstract by first creating your profile and following the instructions in the abstract submission portal in the button to the right.

For the ICBM14 conference, it is our ambition to bring together academics and industries from all over the world for an excellent scientific event. Furthermore, a special issue of MDPI Micromachines Journal (IF 3.523) is confirmed and is ready for receiving papers. Link: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/micromachines/special_issues/ICBM14 . In this special issue selected full-length papers presented during ICBM14 will be published on significant and original works related to all aspects of:

  1. Design, development, and optimization of micromagnetic sensors
  2. Numeric and mathematical modeling, and simulation of micromagnetic sensors
  3. Material and surface integrity characterization
  4. Residual stress measurements using Barkhausen Noise Technique
  5. Modern measurement data analysis
  6. Industrial applications – user cases

All papers will be peer-reviewed for the validation of research results, developments, and applications.

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