Oral presentation guide

There is no template for the preparation of the oral presentation. Feel free to use your own template.

  • Presentations may be given as PowerPoint or PDF presentations and will be collected by the chairman before each session. It will be possible to connect your own computer for the use of additional materials, like videos or other software.
  • Bring one copy of your presentation to the conference on a USB media storage device. This copy is to be used as a backup by you and the conference organisers if required. As an additional backup measure, consider saving an extra copy of your presentation on your web-accessible local server or email the file to yourself if the file size is small enough.
  • All presenters will be given the opportunity to check their presentations on-site, before their presentation time. You are encouraged to review your presentation at least 24 hours before your scheduled presentation, especially if it has any special or technically complex elements.
  • Remember your presentation is limited to 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions.

Oral presentation tips

  • Do not try to tell the whole story on one slide. Use keywords instead, (think in terms of headlines), not long lists of words or whole paragraphs.
  • Convey only one main idea per slide.
  • Express ideas in as few words as possible.
  • Instead of one complex slide make several simplified slides with a conclusion slide describing the overall concept.
  • Use pictures, simple diagrams, graphs or tables where possible rather than text.
  • Use a large point size (30pt) and a sans-serif font (Arial, Tahoma). Use upper and lower case, not all upper. If you want to emphasise a point use your voice not upper case text on a slide.
  • A good general rule is not to exceed six lines or 45 characters and spaces per line. However, keep text amount to the necessary minimum.
  • Use contrasting colours for good legibility; for example dark-coloured fonts for texts on a light background.
  • Choose to acknowledge your co-authors on the title, second or last slide. Avoid logos except for the title slide.

Poster Presentation Guideline

  • Poster should be at least A2 (42cm x 59,4cm) in size and in portrait format
  • Poster presentations are hard-copy (paper/poster) format only
  • Posters should be laminated if possible to minimise the potential for damage or stains
  • Suggested minimum font size is 36
  • Suggested minimum font size for the list of authors is 24 point
  • Suggested minimum font size for the general text is 18 point
  • Please allow for a 2cm border on all four sides of the poster for a distinctive appearance and to create some consistency with the overall display

Poster presentation tips

  • Please include the paper title and all authors at the top of the poster
  • Suggest a format of brief introduction, goals, experimental detail, conclusions, and references
  • Please include clear explanations for graphs, pictures, and tables.
  • The entire poster layout should be readable from 1 to 3 meters away
  • Do not use a highly patterned background for the poster as this reduces legibility.
  • Be careful in your use of colours, some people are red-green colour blind and some colours do not stand out in contrast to others.
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